Supplier of aesthetic medicine products and equipment in Eastern Europe.

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Mezofarmacija is part of Martinex Group


Martinex Group is a major supplier of aesthetic medicine products and equipment in Russia and Eastern Europe. We emphasize our expertise in every facet of the industry - from chemicals to consumers. We believe that the complete approach is greater than the sum of its parts and that is why Martinex is involved in developing, manufacturing, selling and using our products. Toskani Laboratory, a subsidiary of Martinex Group produces a variety of injectable products (Skinasil, Hyalrepair, Hyaluform) and chemical peels (MedicControlPeel). Martinex Training Centre regularly provides basic training as well as advanced seminars for doctors around Russia. Our research centre is currently working on new applications of our patented solid-state modification technique of hyaluronic acid and last but not least, Martinex imports a variety of brands from Europe and the US to Russia, acting as the official distributor of Cynosure, Energist, Gernetic, Perfectha Derm, Revitacare and others.

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