Martinex is an exclusive distributor of the Hyalrepair – the first commercial application of biorepair technology (and the only one available to date), proven to provide persistent and completely natural skin rejuvenation!

The emergence of the revolutionary Hyalrepair drugs was preceded by three years of research, development, and numerous clinical tests that confirmed maximum efficiency and complete safety of its constituens. Histological tests were carried out by the First Moscow State University, under the guidance of Professor AB Schechter, M.D.

Efficacy of biorepair drugs has been clinically proven by many cosmetological clinics in Moscow that were first to use them. The clinical findings indicated that all Hyalrepair products are easily delivered into the upper and middle layers of the skin and evenly disseminate throughout. Injections are virtually painless. Results are visible as a reduction of wrinkles, improved color and texture of the skin, increase in its turgor, and a marked lifting effect. Subjective assessments of results of this procedure by the patients ranged from “satisfactory” to “excellent”. Hyalrepair products are designed to address the most complex aesthetic skin problems and are in the most literal sense of the word, able to halt the aging of the skin by supplying the nutrients, lack of which causes aging in the first place.

Hyalrepair is presently represented by six products, each one specialized to address a certain aesthetic problem provides along with providing base skin rejuvenation effect, similar to that achieved using biorevitalization.

Advantages of Hyalrepair

  1. Common biorevitalizants only include hyaluronic acid, whereas biorepair agents from Hyalrepair contain a range of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and peptides, giving the drug additional functionality and increased effectiveness.
  2. Grafting of nutrients onto HA molecules contained in Hyalrepair products is done not with the help of chemical catalysts, but on the “Bridgman Anvil” under high pressures. This method provides the most “natural” end product that is completely accepted by the organism.
  3. Less frequent injections (once every 3 weeks) are more convenient for the patients, requiring less visits to the clinic.
  4. Hyalrepair products do not cause edemas, making them the optimal choice for biorevitalization procedures, that could ordinarily provoke a swelling (ex. thick oily skin of the patient).
  5. Elaborate compositions of drugs allow them to work in several directions at once, providing a lifting effect, antioxidant protection, improving skin tone and colour and reinforcing the capillary network.

Hyalrepair will enable you to greatly expand the range of services to rejuvenate the face and body and offer your patients unique products, proven to have excellent clinical results, and ensure complete satisfaction of your patients. Hyalrepair is available exclusively from Martinex.