MCPeel (Phenol Peel)

Phenol-based chemical peel for medium and deep peeling

Phenol-based chemical peels have existed for a long time and generally commanded a high popularity throughout their lifetime – they could even be considered the “gold standard” of chemical peels. However, in contemporary aesthetic medicine, new methods are primarily valued by their safety and innovations or efficacy are secondary. This is exactly why the evolution of phenol-based peels has been heading in the direction of reducing the toxicity while maintaining the effectiveness of the treatment. MCPeel, with phenol content of 25% and 35%, has passed all relevant medical tests in Russia and has shown exemplary clinical results.

MCPeel provides highly effective exfoliation, stimulates protein synthesis, increases strength, elasticity and turgor of the dermis. The results are a marked improvement in the appearance of the skin – it starts to look much younger, smoother, and more uniform.



  • Deep and shallow wrinkles
  • Undesirable pigmentation, particularly that caused by pregnancy, use of contraceptives, or severe damage by UV radiation
  • Scars


  • Has powerful lifting and stimulating effects
  • Treatment is easily performed and can be precisely controlled
  • Regulates melanin levels