Chemical Peels and Skin Care Products

MedicControlPeel is a brand with a legacy of scientific advances in the field of cosmetology. Initially focused on delivering the most effective chemical peels only to the professionals in the field (cosmetology clinics and beauty salons), over time MedicControlPeel has expanded its assortment of products to include lines for pre-peel and post-peel periods, as well as an everyday skin care line for private consumers. MedicControlPeel chemical peels are available for professional use only, however all the skin care products are sold as regular cosmetics.

Advantages of MedicControlPeel skin care products

Pre- and post-peel products contain the same active ingredients as the peels themselves, but in substantially smaller doses. Post-peel products generally have the most delicate compositions, which is the reason they are recommended for a long-term upkeep of the peel’s effect. MedicControlPeel skin care line can be used not only as a preparation for a chemical peel or during a rehabilitation period, but also for everyday skin care, as protection against photoaging or hyper-pigmentation. Another group of MedicControlPeel post-peel products can also be used for regularly to care for damaged or severely dehydrated skin, such as after laser cosmetology procedures, microdembrasion, or common sunburns.

Effectiveness of MedicControlPeel products

Various products by MedicControlPeel can be used to restore the skin’s own hydrolipid barrier, to stimulate celluar metabolism, to exfoliate the skin, to treat edemas, and also reduce melanogenesis in order to prevent hyper-pigmentation. MedicControlPeel skin care line also includes products with more traditional applications like anti-oxidant, moisturizer, cleanser, sunblock, or skin tonic. Latest addition to MedicControlPeel’s assortment are groups of products specifically targeted at aging skin and damaged skin, including treatment of telangiectasia, rosacea, wrinkling, and scarring. All products from MedicControlPeel are generally held in highest regard by dermo-cosmetologists and by their patients likewise.

MedicControlPeel products contain glycolic, mandelic, ascorbic, salicylic, phytic, and kojic acids, essential saturated fatty acids, natural amino acids and retinol as well as moisturizing factors and natural herbal extracts to complement the therapeutic effect of the key ingredients.

MedicControlPeel chemical peels

  • Glycolicpeel 35%, 50%, 70%
  • Glylcolicpeel Whitening
  • Keratopeel (based on Glycolic Acid)
  • Lacticpeel 50%
  • Block-Age Peel Cream (Retinol-based peel)
  • Perfeitopeel – also called “Weekend peel” guarantees an exceptionally short recovery period

MedicControlPeel pre-peel line

  • Cleanser Mousse for any skin type
  • Prepeel Light cream for hyper-pigmented skin
  • Prepeel Medium cream for normal skin
  • Prepeel Active cream for aging skin
  • Prepeel Acne gel for skin with acne or other defects

You can purchase all of the above and other products by MedicControlPeel exclusively from Martinex.