Hyaluform Mesolift

Using the raw materials produced by biotech lab Shiseido Co. (Japan), Hyaluform Mesolift is recognized as one of the best available hyaluronic acid solutions for any mesotherapy cocktail. Cocktails based on Hyaluform are highly efficient, result in rapid improvement, and  guarantee a long-term result. Available in three concentrations, from 1% to 2.5%, Hyaluform Mesolift is perfectly suited for use in different cocktails to achieve the following: 

1. Rejuvenation of aging skin
2. Improvement of skin tone turgor, especially after anti-cellulite treatments
3. Correction of stretch marks
4. Reduction of scars
5. Preparation for chemical peels, plastic surgery and many laser treatments

The 1% solution of Hyaluform can be used as a standalone treatment, while higher concentrations are reserved exclusively for preparation of mesotherapy cocktails.