Injection (Traditional) Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a method of treatment of skin disorders centered around administering low doses of medication intradermally (typically by means of injections). Injecting allows active ingredients to bypass the natural barrier of the skin and accurately deliver the substances with no losses to the exact place where its needed. Cosmetic treatments applied onto the surface of the skin have frequently fallen short of their intended result because of the difficulties biologically active ingredients encounter in penetrating the surface layer of the skin. However, over 60 years ago, in the middle of the 20th century, a French physician Dr. Michel Pistor has invented the practice of mesotherapy: a method that has since found a variety of applications and has become quite popular not only in France, but in the rest of Europe, and to certain extent, the world.

Applications of Mesotherapy


Skin rejuvenation

Aging is a process of degeneration – there is no denying it. Our organisms begin to decay before we even finish growing. Depending on the definition, this decay starts as early as at 11 years of age. Degenerative changes affect all layers of the skin: the epidermis becomes thinner, skin’s hydrolipid mantle depletes, synthesis of key structural proteins in the mesoderm slows down, rate of cellular metabolism decreases. These changes in skin structure eventually lead to the appearance of folds and wrinkles, sagging or loss of elasticity.

Rejuvenating facial mesotherapy is designed to slow this aging process. Introducing key active substances directly into the skin is the most effective way to stimulate the metabolism in cells and improve tissue regeneration.


Meso-lifting is a treatment that has recently risen in popularity due to the availability of new technologies that have markedly increased its effectiveness. Meso-lifting uses injections designed to restore firmness and elasticity of the facial skin. Typically an individual “cocktail” is created for each patient, on the basis of her skin type or a suitable cocktail is chosen from a wide array of pre-made preparations. These mesotherapy cocktails contain a customized proportion of amino acids, peptides of collagen and elastin, and other active ingredients. As a result of such treatments, the skin turns a healthier color and the smaller wrinkles outright vanish.

Correction of mimetic wrinkles

The most pronounced wrinkles are typically those around the eyes, on the forehead, to the sides of the mouth, and the upper lip. Physiologically their appearance is easily explained by excess stimulation of the fibers of the facial muscles in those areas. One of the methods for correction of these wrinkles is to reduce muscle stimulation by reducing the effect of neuron upon the muscle. The traditional method of achieving this is the use of botulism toxin, however recently much less toxic synthetic alternatives have appeared, notably a chemical called Acetyl-Hexapeptide-3, commonly known as “Myolax”. Myolax does not alter the natural facial expressions and does not disrupt neural signals completely, while still being highly effective.

Acne and other skin problems

Mesotherapy is able to solve a variety of skin disorders, including acne, associated scars and inflammations, or cuperosis. A variety of cocktails at the cosmetologist's disposal that help improve capillary circulation, reinforce walls of the capillaries and boost cellular metabolism. As a result, the appearance of blood vessels on the face either vanishes completely or becomes greatly reduced.

Preparation for plastic surgery

Injections of mesotherapy cocktails can prepare the skin for various cosmetic surgery procedures, medium and deep chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, as well as helping reduce the recovery period associated with aforementioned treatments.


Anti-cellulite Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy treatments of the body are an effective way of creating a slender, beautiful figure. It can be used to treat any stage of cellulite including even the most complex cases with concomitant varicose veins and other problems. Anti-cellulite cocktails are designed to destroy fat deposits, simultaneously stimulating microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Anti-cellulite mesotherapy dissolves fat and then excretes it from the system with excess fluid and toxins. Mesotherapy can significantly reduce the volume of fat deposits as well as appearance of stretch marks, commonly caused by weight loss or pregnancy. Mesotherapy can also be effectively used on breasts to tone and tighten the skin, and reduce sagging.


Prevention of Hair Loss Using Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has already helped many people who have unsuccessfully struggled with hair loss. This branch of mesotherapy is sometimes called meso-trichology. Meso-trichology is most effective during the earliest stages of hair loss. Once the hair is gone, it is quite difficult to resore, but mesotherapy can be highly effective at preventing and stopping the process. Its cocktails contain active ingredients that improve blood circulation of the scalp to stop the hair loss, as well as valuable trace elements that restore the hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth and increase the life expectancy of individual hairs. Many patients have noticed a marked increase in growth of hair after a course of mesotherapy. Meso-trichology has many tools at its disposal to treat thin, dry, or brittle hair, seborrhea of the scalp, and other disorders. All of them can be successfully solved with the help of cocktails based on vitamins and herbal extracts. A few of the most common ingredients included in mesotherapy cocktails for the treatment of the scalp are zinc and selenium to regenerate the skin and promote the growth of hair and nails, cobalt and manganese to prevent the early graying of hair, copper for its antioxidant properties, and silver to stimulate the activity of protective enzymes.


The effectiveness of any type of mesotherapy – face, body, or scalp, depends on the correct choice of the drugs, the technique of administration, and naturally, the quality of the ingredients. Drugs can be administered into the skin manually, using a syringe, or by using special equipment called mesoinjectors, sometimes also called “Pistor guns”, in honor of the inventor of mesotherapy, Dr. Michel Pistor. Mesoinjectors have a number of advantages over manual injections: they shorten the duration of the procedure, performing each injection much faster than by hand (which is no small benefit, considering that many treatments take dozens of injections) and they use a strictly metered dose of a drug every time, which allows for a higher degree of control.