Pistor Mesoinjectors

Pistor 4, made by MI-Medical Innovation (France) is a new-generation electronic mesoinjector for advanced mesotherapy techniques. Use of a mesoinjector enables you to quickly and efficiently administer precisely measured uniform doses of drugs into the patient’s skin, making the treatment process much faster than manual injections and more comfortable for the client.

Effectiveness of mesotherapy treatments in any region (face, body, or scalp) depends on the technique of drug administration as much as it does on the quality of drug itself. This is why a mesoinjector is an indespensible tool for a successful treatment. Despite its apparent simplicity, Pistor 4 opens new horizons for a cosmetologist’s practice. Patient’s comfort is important especially during longer procedures, that treat a large area of the body (such as anti-cellulite mesotherapy). Not only Pistor 4 will make the procedure several times faster, but using a mesoinjector is more comfortable than a conventional treatment and clients with a low pain threshold will especially appreciate this difference. Lastly, since Pistor 4 automatically measures and delivers set doses of the drug with no losses, you will use less of the drug and save money.

Pistor 4 lets you take full control of the procedure, allowing you to regulate:

  • Frequency
  • Depth of injection
  • Volume of drug administred with each injection
  • Interval between injections

Pistor 4 is compatible with any type of syringe and offers a selection of five pre-set techniques:

  • “Slow Injection”
  • “Micro-dose”
  • “Standard Dose”
  • “Mesoperfusion”
  • “Nappage”

The injector has a convenient push-button mechanism, high operation speed, and ensures the most efficient consumption of the drug. Pistor 4 reduces the chances of human error to a minimum and with it you can always be certain of the quality of your work. Guaranteed results and more comfortable, faster treatments will impress your clients and their satisfaction will only grow your business.

Upgrade your clinic today with Pistor 4 mesoinjectors: comfort, precision and efficiency of treatment, thanks to the newest technologies!