Hyaluform Biorevitalizant 1.8%

Contains partially stabilized hyaluronic acid (up to 2 sutures per 1000 links) with a concentration of 18mg/ml.

How supplied
1.5ml syringes 

- Dry and dehydrated skin, caused by a loss of hydrolipid layer
- Reduced elasticity of the skin
- Scars
- Wrinkles and dermal folds

Firms and tones the skin, reduces sagging, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, provides long-term hydration. Thanks to the partially modified structure of HA in HYALUFORM BIOREVITALIZANT 1.8%, the molecules of HA remain “undetected” for some time by hyaluronidase and can remain in the dermis for 7 to 10 days.